The Candle Lady

Welcome to my creative space!

I'm Elondia Denise, owner of ElonWick. My sole mission is to create an unforgettable experience for every customer with uniquely-scented soy candles and wax melts. My purpose on Earth is to spread love & candlelight that will Change Your Atmosphere. The strongest memory trigger is the sense of smell, and I take pride in creating a product that provides lasting memories for each of you.

ElonWick started out as a dream and a compulsive craft store run in October 2015 with $25 and a 40% coupon. Now we've expanded to an e-commerce, spreading love & candlelight across the United States and beyond! I take pride in creating oil blends that will allow my customers (that's you!) to breathe easily and create a fun environment for your homes.

 It is my goal to increase awareness with my passion of natural products, such as soy, due to the growing amount of allergies, cancers, and anxieties that surround us. Soy wax burns clean- meaning there is no soot on the jars (just imagine what is happening to your lungs...eek!). Not only is soy clean, it is also a safer option for the body and home, plus longer burn time is perfect for any moment.


Love & Candlelight,