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Eucalyptus Mint

Eucalyptus Mint

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Our Eucalyptus Mint Candle helps clear your mind and lift your mood. Eucalyptus opens the airways and provides relief from colds and allergies, especially during winter and spring. Spearmint helps fight fatigue, headaches, nausea, and stress. Combine the two for the ultimate woosah experience. Holiday lovers and allergy sufferers will most appreciate this one!

Our eco-friendly soy candles burn clean, meaning no black smoke, toxins or residue. They are also vegan, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and have a longer burn time than any other wax. With healing benefits of aromatherapy, ElonWick candles help you relax, restore, and balance your mind and body. And our jars are reusable and have a clean and sophisticated design that will enhance any room’s aesthetics. Makes a perfect gift!

The Details - the 4 Ws

Watch: 48-50 hours burn time

Wax: White, Soy

Wick: Made with all-natural fibers

Weight: 9 ounces