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Pumpkin Overload

Pumpkin Overload

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The first. The favorite. The fix. Our first scent ever made & sold before we became official. 

Pumpkin oil blended with pure cinnamon and nutmeg essential oils make it equivalent to a slice of fresh-baked pumpkin pie, pumpkin souffle, and pumpkin spice latte. Why? Well, because sometimes those desserts alone just wont do.

Fact: I burn this year-around. It's THAT good.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Asli Shebe
smells so good

Amazing scent!!

Jessica Finley
Pumpkin Overload

The perfect fall scent. My house smells delish. Like a bakery 😁

Dimitri Jefferson
It’s the “Pumpkin Overload” for me.

The Pumpkin Overload was the first candle I purchase. With Fall being my favorite season, this was an amazing and perfect addition to my home. It reminded me of sweet memories of my childhood when my grandma use to make pumpkin pie. Anytime anyone would visit my home, they would say “Your house smells amazing”. I definitely would recommend purchasing this fall scent. It smells so good, I want to eat the candle. Haha.

Year Round Hit!

I love Pumpkin and just about everything pumpkin spice. Discovering this particular candle was the best possible.

Yaaasss to the pumpkin

This candle is the embodiment of fall y’all! Your home will smell amazing and oh so yummy.