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  • Self-Care Sundays + Beyond!

    Well friends, it's been quite the adventure the last few months, hasn't it? From social media, the news, anxiety, constant worry, to all the things associated with COVID-19. I've been encouraging others to redirect their thoughts and energy to avoid unnecessary stress, and I'd like to share them with you. I've tried each of these every single time I feel overwhelmed or stressed. I hope you will too!

  • Fired Up & Staying Lit

     "I can't believe I just got fired. How am I going to provide for my son? I'm literally speechless. What did I do wrong?!" They quickly reminded me that I was never supposed to go back to work after giving birth earlier that year. I was supposed to use what God gave me, ElonWick, and take care of my son. That was the God-honest truth I needed to hear.