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Change Your Atmosphere:

Have you ever asked God for change, and he pushes you to change things for yourself?

April 29th, 2016. A day I'll never forget, and two weeks after the day I told God that I'm content with his direction. I walked away from my job, shifted my crown, and here I am. A 24 year-old entrepreneur saying "YES!" to my calling and accepting what the God of the universe has given me.

If I may be transparent, I want to say that I had the most amazing amount of peace the day I turned my notice in. However, fear naturally kicked in after I clocked out for the last time. Walking away from something I thought I needed was the moment I began to trust God more. Although I walked away by stepping out on faith, I was still afraid; I was nervous that people would judge me, I would lose what I've worked hard for, but one day something happened. I realized that in order for me to encourage others to change their atmosphere, I had to change my mine first. 

I've always been a very active and sociable person. I would obligate myself to things that aren't meant for me. My life became so busy with things that I had to do, because others wanted me to, that I lost myself. I felt like I had to be everywhere for everyone and everything for them. Now, I have more time to focus on ElonWick. How?  I took a step back to breathe, find myself, and to become a better me. My atmosphere changed the day I said "Yes" to God's will. My atmosphere when I realized that my gift will make room for me. My atmosphere changed when I learned to detox myself from things that do not align with my destiny, my business, or my heart. I'm so grateful for these moments.

Now, I'm confident of these things: THIS is what having faith looks like. THIS is what obedience looks like. THIS is what surrendering, submitting, and succeeding looks like. I did it, and so can you. I pray that you're not only able to find your purpose, but you change your atmosphere so the vision may be clear.

Love & Candlelight,



  • What a powerful testament to having faith and trust in God that He will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory through Christ Jesus as you allow Him to guide your steps! I want you to know that I have talked about you to my 19 & 17 yr old granddaughters to inspire them to follow God’s design and plan for their lives! May God richly bless you in all your endeavors! You inspire me!!

    Georgette Jackson
  • What a powerful message?! Thank you for your transparency and admonishing us to take that step of faith to follow your dreams. Your situation is all too familiar as I take that step of faith too. But I know that God’s got us and already have made a way. Congratulations ElonWick! Much success to you!

    Kimberly Gunn
  • Such a wonderful message. Thank you for being open amd transparent.

    Shaniequa L. Washington
  • What an inspiring blog! Thanks for sharing your testimony, as I find ours are quite similar. You have encouraged me to increase my faith and obedience, and to change my atmosphere to increase the clarity of my vision!!! God is good! Thank you Elondia!

    Crystal J
  • Encouraging words that are truly heartfelt. When your passion and purpose align with God’s will, ain’t no stopping that train! It’s headed straight for success!

    Sarita Pittman

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